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EMF organize tournaments for amateur players. Consequently, players with a professional contract at the time of the named competition as well as 365 or less days before the day of opening ceremony are not allowed to participate.

Definition of the professional status: The rule is related to the sport codes football and futsal. There is no international consistency regarding the professional leagues, so it depends on the country where the player is active.


The players are classified in three categories:



 Player is allowed to participate

 Category 1



 Category 2


 (Leagues with half amateur, half  professional clubs)

 Only with proofs (see below)

 Category 3




Category 1:        Players from full-amateur leagues are allowed to play even if they have a salary of any amount.

Category 2:        Players from leagues like “semi-professional leagues” or “mixed” are allowed if they have an amateur contract and/or don’t live mainly from the salary as a football or futsal player. The definition means that the concerning league contains amateur and professional clubs.

All players from first league Futsal and Football are generally considered minimum a “semi-professionals” no matter of the actual status. This means the players who are playing or played in such a league are automatically minimum category 2.

Proofs:   To get permission for a “category 2” player the National Association has to show documents which prove the non-professional status clearly. Additionally, and in any case, a full CV, a description of the main job plus contact details of the current employer has to be given. If a player works for the same club (like coach etc.) as he is playing for this is considered as category 3 and the player is not allowed to play.

All the named proofs have to be sent with the registration. If a player gets identified as Category 2 and the national association didn’t announce this during the registration this player gets suspended for the upcoming tournament.

Category 3:        Players from full-professional leagues are not allowed to participate – even if they have got an amateur contract.

To check the status the Tournament Committee can demand to see any document (like a contract) and speak to any person they want to until they are sure about the status of the player. The line of argument will follow all information which is provided on the internet. If there are any mistakes the National Association must provide valid and trustworthy proofs.


To be sure about the status of a player and if it is accepted, the National Associations can consult the Tournament Committee to avoid complications or disqualification.