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The first EMF Seniors CL champions: MAV Glissando senior

Despite the challenging weather conditions the senior teams took the fields Monday morning to decide the best senior minifootball team. MAV Glissando senior reached the final after overcoming Slovakia B in the semi finals. In the final they beat KMN Meteorplast to 1:0 to take the gold medals home.


Quarter finals

On Saturday, after the last round of the group stage, the senior teams took the fields to play the quarter finals of EMF Seniors Champions League.

In the quarter finals KMN Meteorplast met Liriada Rasnov. At end of an exciting clash the Slovenian side overcame the Romanians 4:3. Meanwhile other Romanian team MAV Glissando managed to secure a place for themselves with a 2:0 win against Galanta.

Slovakian teams met Hungarian teams thanks to the draw. Slovakia A were knocked out of the tournament by Hungarian 1.FC Corrado after their game finished 2:0, while Slovakia B proceed to semi finals by defeating other Hungarian team Masterplast 3:0.

Semi finals

In the semi finals both 1.FC Corrado and KMN Meteorplast played well despite the heavily pouring rain. It was a balanced game between the two teams with several chances on both sides, even though KMN Meteorplast netted the first goal. 1.FC Corrado had a better and more offensive start to the second half, slowly pushing the Slovenians back to their own side. To their misfortune, after a Hungarian attack in the dying minutes of the match, the ball ended up at a KMN Meteorplast player who fired it right into the empty Hungarian net from behind the midfield line, setting the final 2:0 result.

On the other pitch MAV Glissando senior secured their place in the final by beating Slovakia B 2:1 in a penalty shootout, after they finished with 1:1 in regular time.

3rd place

1.FC Corrado and Slovakia B competed in a penalty shootout where both teams had to shoot 5 penalties to decide the 3rd place of EMF Seniors Champions League. Hungarian 1.FC Corrado’s players proved to be better and could take the bronze medals home after winning the shootout 3:1.


The rain was still pouring down unstoppably when MAV Glissando senior and KMN Meteorplast took the field for the final. Both teams showed real enthusiasm, and MAV Glissando managed to grab the lead in the first half, forcing KMN Meteorplast to fight back.

KMN Meteorplast dominated large chunks of the game in the second period. During the first 10 minutes the ball hardly left MAV Glissando’s half of the pitch. The game got really fast paced proving KMN Meteorplast’s intentions to find an equaliser. In the final minutes the Slovenian team were attacking with 6 players, but failed in levelling the game up. MAV Glissando senior kept the 1:0 lead and won the first ever EMF Seniors Champions League.